Dance Camp - 19 & 20 August 2017

Dance Camp – 19 & 20 August 2017

Our very first project of Five6seven8 Future Generations has been Alex’s Rising Stars, a group of 20 kids at Bovet Primary School in Alexandra. Every Wednesday Alissa, Christine & Enize drive through to the school to teach the group of kids.

So far they have only had the chance to teach the children the Cha Cha and Jive, the two dances required to enter the SADTA competitions Beginner Latin section. With the small class room provided, where the weekly class happens, it is too small to attempt the two ballroom dances, the Quickstep & Waltz. Not even to mention the full extension that is required for the Latin dances and their arm styling.

The ladies then decided to arrange a Dance Camp for all the children at Five6seven8 Dance Studio’s premises. Especially with the hopes of entering the children for the SADTA Gauteng Challenge that was coming up in October, this would be the ideal opportunity to prepare for it.

The Camp was to be a full one day event, from the Saturday afternoon until the Sunday afternoon. It started off with a lovely welcoming and wonderful fresh fruit supplied from Tiego from Impala Fruit & Veg.

Then the dancing began, Five6seven8’s very own Lizanne Le Grange was gracious enough to show the children some Contemporary dancing. It was lots of fun watching them all prancing around the floor.

Next in line was Lois with his Hip Hop class. Look at them busting their moves.

We then spent the evening indulging in lots of pizzas as well as yummy sweet snacks sponsored by Andiccio24. With full tummies we all got comfortable in our pjs and watched Take The Lead.

The following morning we were also fortunate to arrange a Self Defence class with Ilana Bellotto. This session gave all the children valuable input in how to defend themselves if they ever found themselves in an unfortunate position.

But of course this weekend was also a large focus on the upcoming competition and we had to ensure all the children became comfortable with presenting themselves on the floor and utilising the space they had to dance in. A few of the Five6seven8 Latin & Ballroom instructors stepped in to help us with individual attention to each couple.

We then finished the day off and had some lunch with meat supplied to us by John from Impala Butchery.

This was probably the first of many dance camps to be offered and looking forward to the next.

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