SADTA Gauteng Challenge

SADTA Gauteng Challenge – 14 October 2017

After August’s preparations at the Dance Camp it now was time for the actual competition, SADTA’s Gauteng Challenge. This competition was hosted at Springs Civic Centre on 14 October.  The doors opened at 09h30 for a 10h00 start, Bovet Primary School was kind enough to be able to arrange transport from school for the day. However sadly they was a bit of bad luck and the kids had to wait for alternate transport. Thankfully they were not late for their section!!

There was a lot of anticipation, excitement & nerves for the day. Having settled in, it was time to get some practicing in. The centre luckily had lots of space to practice in before you made your entrance to the main floor.

We were shown such amazing support on the day, Sam Walker and the tuck shop helped us out with drinks and food and Chrissie from Cuts Event even donated a few dresses to us on the day. The SADTA was also very kind enough to assist us with a discount for their entries.

With a few run throughs and a warm up on the floor it was time for their section.  They danced their hearts out on the floor. You can view their sections here below.

The results were in, there might not have been any 1st places awarded to our Alex’s Rising Stars but an achievement none the less for their very first time.

Our Victory photo from the SADTA Gauteng Challenge!

Now it is the final preparations for SADTA’s All Open Championships at the end of November.

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